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Master Bedroom Install -Sneak Peek

While the season is still deciding whether it wants to snow or bloom flowers, I however, am making lots of decisions in my client's new Master bedroom.  It's install week and it's turning out fantastic!

Here's a sneak peek of their new digs!  Be back to blogging in a few short days.  

Kudos to my awesome clients who has been abosultely fearless in this process.  They are living proof that when your brave enough to step outside your comfort zone, even if just a little, you are allowing yourself to be moved in your space (you'll get that "ooooh ahhh" feeling every time you enter the room, and you'll keep coming back over and over, just to take a look).  So fun!



Prepare for color!
Prepare for color!
The original concepts virtual board.
The original concepts virtual board.

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