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E-Design : A Transitional Bedroom


I'm crushed when I get emails from disappointed people who wished I lived closer in order to help them with their home.   I am here to tell you, It is possible,  even if you are on the other side of the earth because I offer E-Design!  What is that?

Design 101. Designers typically create a  board full of samples (paint swatches, fabric textiles, photos) that they have collected and pulled for a client in effort to create a vision of the room.    Boards can be a collection images or they can have actual samples adhered to it for approval.  E-design is the same thing, "virtually".

However, E-design has some advantages.  With some savvy photowork, and a detailed eye for color, a room can be designed and brought to life in a 3 dimensional way and in visual proportion.  KDLD's Virtual Design Boards come accompanied by a detailed resource (where to buy) list, hyperlinks included for "white glove" one click away shopping.  A board's price is based upon our consultation. The design board cost depends upon what you are looking for.  For example, an empty Great Room will price differently than a Powder Room.  Every quote is given on an indivdual basis, but on average, boards cost anywhere from $100-$600 which are also based upon my hourly rate , the size of the project / room, and the number of hours it takes to create the board.  

The additional beauty to E-Design is that you have full control of when you purchase and you get the fun of putting it all together, according to the design, so you are not entirely on your own.  Just think, another year won't go by where you say you are STILL working on your master bedroom or you just don't know where to start.  (No more blaming it  on the fact that were so busy since having kids).  It's a small price to pay really to have it figured out for you. 

Also, if you don't like an item on the board, you have the flexibility to replace it with something you are more fond of.  The majority of items on an e-design board are those that are accessible to you through retail establishments, but can also include "to the trade only" items which you can order through me.  I like to mix the two for a more affordable, yet custom look.

I recently completed a design board for a dear friend of mine.  As you can see from the board, there's alot of fun color in here, all drawn from a quilt that her mother hand-made.  This quilt includes a colorful collection of sweet hand-written well wishes and was presented as a wedding gift.  It holds alot of sentimental value to my client, and it's treated as the star of the show.

The room is still in the works, and I will post the afters so you can see how well the board really serves as a decent crystal ball to a rooms' future look.

Contact me to get your project underway!

Virtual Board-Transitional Master Bedroom (click photo for full view).
Virtual Board-Transitional Master Bedroom (click photo for full view).

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