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Not so mellow YELLOW

Anything but mellow. Yes, yellow!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, if you haven't had the opportunity to get away for a Vit - D fix to either sunny California, Arizona or even around the corner to Bend, OR, getting from our winter wet season to sunshine is a long awaited event.  It's a big deal.  In contrast to my days in California, come spring, everyone comes out of hiding.  It's a congratulatory reunion at parks, sidewalks and outdoor dining venues.   We're like little dogs sticking our noses in the air, enjoying the sunshine on our cheeks and taking big relieving breaths. OK, maybe it's not quite that dramatic, but we do get very excited when that 6th month long stretch of perfect weather gets closer.  Luckily we've had quite a dry and sunny winter compared to the last few years and it has me thinking ahead to spring.  It has me thinking yellow.  Bright yellow is on the hot list for fashion spring 2012, and runway trends have a tendancy to influence interiors.

Yellow is a tricky color- a little goes a long way.  Pops of this color make a big impact, but have caution: paint an entire room in it, and you have an irritating room on your hands.  (I have a rule, never paint a nursery in yellow; you will have one moody baby).  Also, if you have a yellow-walled house you are planning to sell, you best be getting the walls toned down to an acceptable neutral. This color packs a punch, so proceed with punches only. There is a reason caution tape is yellow.

Some sunny inspiration...hang in there, we're heading toward spring and there's till time to spray tan the legs. 


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