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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a splendid New Year to you!

What a wonderful day it was today.  The sun came out through the mist, the kids had a great morning opening presents and my first Buche de Noel actually turned out.  I have been wanting to make one of these babies for about 4 years, but something always got in the way of actually doing it.   Here in the States, these are more commonly referred to as a Yule Log.

Having a new functional kitchen has certainly inspired me to develop some traditions in my family.  This year I started with dessert.   Le Buche de Noel is a traditional French dessert for "Le Reveillion" , (Christmas Eve Dinner).   I knew it would bring a taste of home to Frenchie and at the same time win some points with my family abroad!  

I started the Buche the day before Christmas and anticipated bringing it to our Christmas Day dinner that we were having with a group of close friends.  The dinner would be at Cathy's house, Writer and Owner of Noble Pig Food Blog and Noble Pig Vineyard and Wines, which has a huge following.  No pressure, right?  If I screwed it up, I had four packages of cream cheese and graham crackers for crust on stand-by just in case (Cheesecake).  I didn't care so much about that, I was really more hell bent on reviving a wonderful memory for my French hubby.

 In this particular recipe (The Martha Stewart Cookbook) , it called for white chocolate in the frosting, which would make the log white, right?  Wrongo.  According to Frenchie, the log has to have dark bark.  So a quick change was called for. Luckily I had what I needed. Additionally, he said to sprinkle dark brown candy bits on top - yes -he was that specific.  I only had pink and purple left over from my daughter's birthday cake.  I preferred the fresh snowy branch version anyway.  I liberally sprinkled confectioners sugar and added some branches from my soon-to-be-dead Christmas tree and decorative berries for garnish.  I also added a few more cake branches since we we're serving more than 10.  Therefore, this Buche de Noel resembles a tree rather than one log, besides, here in Oregon, we're tree people.  Stand by for next year....I plan to add meringue mushrooms.  Whoa.

It was a hit, everyone loved it and best of all, Frenchie said it was authentic French Buche de Noel.  I immediately took photos---and sent one to my mother-in-law in France.  

I hope you had a very Joyeaux Noel and I wish you a wonderful New Year.

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