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kitchen reveal

As an early Christmas present to anyone following this remodel of ours, I finally have (semi)  final photos to share with you!  Close friends haven’t seen a lot of me in the last two months, and this is why.   Design is a labor of love for me and it’s always great fun to see visualizations come to life; this one is especially sweet because it’s our own.  It’s also sweet because of the wonderful people who helped us along the way; this is my version of “I’d like to thank the academy….”  We are lucky to have had a near flawless renovation, and it’s not due to luck.  Because of the hard work of vendors and subcontractors, we not only have a beautiful kitchen, but we had a lot of fun along the way.   Thank you so much for helping us take our dark and dreary inefficient kitchen to a bright and highly organized slice of gourmet heaven. 

There are still some finishing touches to complete (new Refer isn’t in, the blinds aren’t completely installed, the ceiling needs a new coat of paint, panels are due to go back of peninsula, kitchen nook bench pad and pillows, dining chairs and final stylization), but I just couldn’t wait any longer to show off our hard work (besides, the sun came out today!). 

I am especially proud of the backsplash which I installed myself (with the helpful crash course from Ron).  I was saying this the other day to a friend; “some people run marathons, well, my version of a marathon is installing a backsplash”.  I cut my own tiles with a diamond wet saw, mudded my own walls and cut around about 10 outlets and switches… just to see if I could do it.  It isn't easy working with white marble - some spots are as soft as hardened sugar and one weak narrow point can make a tile crumble in your hands after already spending 5 careful minutes working on it.  It's especially frustrating when you have wet water blowing in your face and it's 39 degrees in the garage, and you have 6 more outlets to cut around.  Oh, and you want to just HAVE IT DONE!  Well, in two days I did it (with help from Frenchie in the end) and not too shabby I may add; but I doubt I will ever do that again (with two kids under the age of 6 and a two day wet saw rental, that is…). 

Anyway, I hope you like it as much as we do. 

Sincere “thanks” to…

My husband, Frenchie.  For giving me a beautiful new kitchen,  trusting my design instincts, letting me do my thing and liking it!  It makes turning 40 a little less painful more enjoyable.

Ron ( the Hero) Larson and his helpers, Felicia and Big Ben, of Ron and Rhon Construction (503) 472-7768.

Debbie SandersonHome Depot, Sherwood, OR (503) 925-8447 ext. 116

Mollie Switzer of Precision Countertops, Wilsonville, OR (503) 482-1356 and their awesome installers (professional, flawless workmanship, on time and hilarious.

Mark Hyland and Todd for coming to my rescue and buffing out my ‘boo boo’ in the backsplash (thanks!)


Cabinets- Martha Stewart: Maidstone, Color: Picket Fence, Home Depot
Wall paint – Benjamin Moore “Fanfare”
Backsplash –Cararra Marble (honed)
Counters- Caesar Stone in Misty Cararra
Faucet – Danze in Polished Nickel
Knobs – Pottery Barn
Pulls – Restoration Hardware
Pendants – Quiozel
Rug – Dash and Albert

If you have a kitchen that needs a facelift, or any other room for that matter, call me for design assistance.  I'd love to help you create a beautiful room of your own.

Please contact me for any resource information not listed.

Before I reveal the finished kitchen, here s a look at the before.
Before I reveal the finished kitchen, here's a look at the before.
Before -View 1
Before -View 1
Before -View 2
Before -View 2
Before -View 3
Before -View 3

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