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My family and I have returned from our vacation to France and I have to say that besides the endless car related difficulties, the long periods of sitting in tight spaces during travel, the unexpected 4 day period of rain at our 6 day beachside rental; it was wonderful.

While we “unplugged” as a family and slowly transitioned into a more present frame of mind, we witnessed a beautiful wedding, baptized our daughter, ate the shrimps we caught in tide pools and spent priceless time with our loved ones abroad. 

Vacations, I now realize, takes us out of our norm, regardless of what happens on those vacations; good or bad, with or without kids, good times and disappointments included.   Vacations are effective.  It’s peculiar, I didn’t really even know our family needed one until we took one.  While away, our family reaffirmed ourselves as a unit and returning to our day to day, is easier somehow.  The mental clock has been reset and things to come can be taken with a relaxed stride.

I took about a thousand photos; and I can’t possibly list them all in this post, so I will pluck out the interesting ones and post some tid bits in the near future.  So, if you love France or want to learn more about this beautiful country…tune in!

Taken on the West coast of Bretange.  Dinard, FR
Taken on the West coast of Bretange. Dinard, FR

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